About The Photographer

I have been an avid photographer for most of my life.  Throughout the years my inspiration has evolved from merely recording places I’ve been and people and things I have seen to capturing scenes with a more artistic emphasis.

To this end my studio has become a greater extension of my workflow. No longer is the camera the sole tool for creating images. I employ an all digital production process that also includes a post-production workstation and output via a pigment-based ink printer.

My aim is to accurately render the emotional reality of a scene. A digital camera changes significant aspects of a scene when an image is first captured. Further changes are made when rendering a scene on a display monitor and still more changes can creep in during the final printing phase. I use Photoshop and other available software tools to minimize these distortions as much as possible while at the same time allowing me to enhance the aspects of an image that first drew me to capture the scene in the first place.